Tom Kha Gai is a thai soup made of chicken (Gai) cooked (Tom) in coconut milk which has been infused with galangal (Kha), lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves. This is one of my favorite soups to make (and eat) because it is a bit spicy and incredible flavorful, and, best of all: It takes NO time to make.



For 4 persons (Half is you´re making it for 2):

– 2- 3 chicken breast depending on the size

– 1,2 liter chicken stock
– 2 cans of coconut milk ( á 400 ml)

– 1 asian chili
– 2 ( finger thumbs) Galangal ( around 5×2 cm each) If you can´t find this (can be hard to find at some areas) you can use ginger. Fresh.
– 3 sticks lemongras
– 1/2 red onion
– 5 kaffir lime leaves

– 6 tbs fishsauce
– 1 lime (plus one extra to taste)
– 4 tbs sugar

– champignons
– a small can of water chestnuts
– bamboo shoots.


The ingredients
The ingredients

1. Cut the herbs into small pieces. Use fresh if you can them in the shop. (Don´t worry in how you cut it, we will strain the soup underways before serving.)

2. Cut the chicken into pieces.


1. Bring coconut milk and chicken stock to a boil.

2. Add the herbs. Let simmer for 20 min. So the soup takes in all the flavour from the herbs.

3.. Strain the soup and mash the herbs throw the strainer so you get all the food from it into the soup.

4.. Add the chicken. Add fish sauce, squeeze in lime and sugar. Taste with these ingredients until your taste bud are thrilled.

5. Add the vegetables right before serving.


Sprinkle coriander over each serving. Serve alone og with rice for a fuller meal.

The best time is when it´s time for food


A lot of yummines
A lot of yumminess


Time to eat a delicious thai soup with friends
Time to eat a delicious thai soup with friends

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