This year I got to decide where to have my birthday dinner. I was in the mood for going to a cosy a bit low key place this year, because of the heavy snow falling and being sick and all.


«Vegan Vikings» from the food platform Yelp, had a vegan week in Oslo this year where several restaurants joined and promoted and had discounts on they`re vegan menu, so it was perfect to go try it out.


I am not a vegan, but I do love vegetarian food, and since I´m also lactose intolerant vegan food is even better for me. I love the idea of being able try out places before you pay a lot of money to eat places where the food isn´t always worth the money you paid. Especially vegan/vegetarian dishes.

«Fristelse Café & Bistro» Adr: Kirkegata 30, Oslo.


However, Fristelse Café & Bistro pulled it off. You have to go down some stairs to get there, but the restaurant was big and airy, looked elegant and had a warm atmosphere with a good mix of music.

We tried some of the food, and a lot of it was very good and tasteful, everything was nice with some bumps here and there, but that´s how it is. Taste can be personal.

"Forest" starter. A mix of vegetables and berries.
«Forest» starter. A mix of vegetables and berries.


Mushroom rolls with teriyaki gel.
«Mushroom roll» with teriyaki gel.



The amazing «Kidney bean burger»

My favorites (and the dishes that tasted the most for me) was the forest starter, oh my god I looooved it, the kidney burger which is awfully cool itself with the black bun and lots of sesame seeds and the crème brûlée .

The burger was rich in flavor and had such a rich consistency that I truly felt it as if I was eating a real hamburger. It made both me and my stomach ful.

I felt satisfied after these 2 courses, buuuut it was my birthday so I just haaaaad to order a dessert to wrap the birthday meal up (didn´t I?!).


Crème brûlée without egg or milk!
Crème brûlée without egg or milk!


Forest fruits
«Forest fruits» dessert.


I´m glad I did! The crème brûlée was amazing. The flavor was in fact much better than many of the original crème brûlées I´ve had before.  That it is vegan is very special, because crème brûlée is made of egg yolks, sugar, vanilla and creme. If I can take a guess, I think they have used more real vanilla in it for the fragrant (I hope!)


Anyways, the evening at Fristelse cafe & bistro inspired me even more to «go vegan» in the kitchen, at least for some meals. The restaurant changes the menu every month, except for some specials which they have again such as the burger ( I think and cross my fingers for) and they also have a different theme lunch buffet Monday and Tuesdays from 13.00 – 17.00 for 195 kr.


Please share your favorites from the menu in the comments below. That way we can create a tiny guide of yes or no`s which can be helpful to us all.






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