About me




My name is Thao T. Luu and I´m living in Oslo, Norway. I´m originally born and raised in Trondheim, but have now lived in the «bigger» city since 2007, when I moved to Oslo to study and discover more.

I´ve been raised with a lot of food culture, being vietnamese, and have been eating so much genuin good asian food made from family and friends that I truly feel blessed about it. I love food, and I love it from all kitchens around the world, as long as it taste genuin and good. Flavorful food is something I appreciate, but it also depends on the mood.


I like typical healthy food and true genuin dishes with a lot of flavors, but there´s one thing I can´t resist though..and that´s temptations…


I have studied psychology, real estate and fashion consultant, worked as a waiter and been in the food- and restaurant industry for some years in addition to work with sales in Department stores. In the latest years my passion for food have only increased.


Food is fun, and I want to inspire to good and tasteful food trough easy recipes and recommendations where I eat elsewhere. It should be fun to be in the kitchen, and I want to contribute to that!


I currently work ful time as a realtor in the Oslo area at Eie Eiendomsmegling Fagerborg. And eat and cook part time. I love to travel and discover new places, food and flavors to gather inspirations- so here you will find a little bit of travel content as well ( mostly about food of course)

I will blog about my everyday food adventures, travels and recipes .


You must eat, don´t you 🙂


I can´t wait to get to know you more-

Please give me any feedback of the contents of mye page 🙂